Sunday 27 May 2012

Time to Query again

I have made a decision this week - it is time to start querying agents with my, Birthstone Unicorns Series, again. Since I sadly parted with my agent a few months ago (documented in earlier post 'So near and yet so far' in March so I won't go over it all) I must confess to having lost my confidence in the process and have been concentrating my efforts on my other project, The Children of Arrosay.  Probably through fear of rejection, but hey as we writers know, rejection is all part of the game. I do believe in my work and feel that it would be highly commerical in the right hands, so I have licked my wounds long enough, it is time to get back on the horse (or maybe unicorn!) and start again.

Decision made, I just need to work on my query letter and maybe tweak my synopsis and then I will be ready. Quite excited by the prospect again now. Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh it's a rollercoaster isn't it. Good luck.

  2. Indeed it is Kate. At least other writers know the stress the process can entail - thanks for your support.


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