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"To be successful a writer needs two things. Belief and hope. Belief in themselves and their writing and hope that others share their belief."
Suzanne Furness

Tintagel Castle
I love to explore the world beyond the door. There should be no lock to our imagination. Providing a child with the key to unlock the door is my inspiration  . . . 

Completed writing projects 

Birthstone Unicorns - 5 + fantasy series of 12 featuring a different unicorn and story for each month of the year. Find out how the magical unicorns help children in the human world when they need them most. Reflecting the seasons and folklore associated with each birthstone. Read your own birth month or perfect to collect as a set.

Arrosay Key of Esmelda -  upper MG portal fantasy trilogy. Leo, Emily and Jakub find a strange bridge in the woods one day. A bridge that seems to serve no purpose at all. Jakub runs across it and promptly disappears before the others eyes and so begins their adventures in the fantasy world of Arrosay. An adventure that reveals they are not the first of their family to visit the mysterious world. Two worlds, one family, joined across time and generations.

A Storm of Clocks - MG fantasy standalone with a Cornish setting. Featuring Cornish Piskies and their darker cousins, the Spriggans. When Livvy finds a piskie called Patsy Scribble in their compost heap it leads to a surprising friendship and a dangerous adventure. Merlin, the Cornish Chough, Ouzel the blackbird and Otilla the owl join the race to stop the spriggans reversing an ancient curse that will have devastating consequences for humans and fae. (Long listed Write Mentor Children's Award 2019)

Daisy Daydream and the Dinosaur Doo! - 5+ humorous. First in series completed.
Daisy Daydream and the Pirate Palaver! - 5+ humorous. Second in series completed.
A fun and quirky series about a young girl and her motorbike riding grandmother. Rhyme, alliteration and a sprinkling of nonsense!

Boy Behind the Blue Door - MG standalone. A story of two boys and the journey that leads them to discover that imagination is sometimes our greatest gift. This manuscript was longlisted in the Mslexia Children's Novel Competition 2016.

A Murmuration of Starlings - MG fantasy standalone. A young girl starts to sprout wings, leading her to question her past and travel to a strange world inhabited by winged people on a quest to find her true identity.

Work in progress

A Library of Curious Events - MG fantasy

Arrosay  Dagger of Ignis -   upper MG fantasy trilogy (part 2).

Short Stories

I enjoy writing short stories and entering competitions when I can. In 2012 my short story From Byron to Shelley was short listed for The Yeovil Literary Prize. It has recently been published in their second anthology. 

Not a unicorn but a lovely pony I met on walk near Lands Ends

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