Friday 26 September 2014

Celebrate the small things

There's a definite tinge of autumn in the air. The days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling. Local shops are displaying an appealing array of cosy sweaters and fur topped boots and, for the first time in months, I feel like closing the curtains, lighting the scented candles and settling down with a hot chocolate!

I love writing at this time of year, I find it so atmospheric.

I received some really positive feedback on my ms this week and I am looking forward to settling down and working on it over the next few weeks. 

I also love this time of year because Strictly Come Dancing is about to start. Time to dig out the sequins and sparkly shoes!

Thanks to Viklit and her team of co-hosts

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Thursday 18 September 2014

Celebrate the small things

I haven't been around the blog much this last couple of weeks. My focus, and brain, have been engaged with family and work. The start of the new school year has seen my role at work change. I am working with a different age group, bringing fresh challenges, and I have needed to attend some additional training. But mostly my attention has been centred around getting our youngest daughter off to university. I have been experiencing a tumble of emotions! But I am celebrating the fact that she is at the university she wanted, doing the course she has been working so hard for. It is a period of adjustment for us all - I cooked far too much dinner this evening!

In other news, we went to a fancy dress party. The theme - come as something beginning with 'S.' Easy, I could go wearing spots or stripes or even just turn up as myself! But I don't really do easy and so I went as a sausage dog. It kind of started a while ago as a bit of a joke but I thought 'hey why not give it a go?' So, to make you smile, and because I know some of you will ask, here is a snapshot! 

Happy weekend to you all.

Thanks to Viklit and her team of lovely co-hosts

LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge
Katie @ TheCyborg Mom
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Monday 8 September 2014

Sunflowers for Tina

In memory of Tina Downey who passed away on August 23rd 2014.  Tina loved her sunflowers and the blogging community loved Tina.                               Tina, we  will miss you, your sunny personality and positive attitude touched the hearts of many. We will remember #Life is Good.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

IWSG and the curse of 'What if?'

It's time once again for the monthly posting of the IWSG. The Insecure Writer's Support Group is the brainchild of Alex J. Cavanugh. Head over to find out all the information and to join our ever increasing group. This month is an extra special posting for the group as it marks their three year Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Insecure Writers everywhere!

A big thank you to this month's co-hosts  - Laura at My Baffling Brain, mark Koopmans, Shah Wharton, and Sheena-Kay Graham. 

I have had a productive summer writing wise. I feel happy that I achieved (most) of what I set out to do and started something new, which was actually unplanned and took me rather by surprise! I feel I am moving forward again, I have a plan, and that is brilliant. Happy writer face.

I have sent my work to readers and am awaiting feedback. Anyone who has ever put their writing 'out there' knows how stressful that wait can be. Obviously, I am hopeful for positive feedback, something that will help me perfect the MS ready for submission. But what if it's not so good? What if it needs loads of work or worse, what if they think it sucks big time!

You see, and then the insecurity sets in ... 

What if I never get it right? What if I never get where I want to be as a writer? I know in my heart I am a writer, but what if no one else ever thinks of me as a writer? Can I live with that or will it leave me unfulfilled and continually questioning whether I could have tried harder, done more?

I will leave you with the words of poet, Robert Browning. I have them written in the notebook I keep at the side of my computer. When in doubt I re-read them, and take strength in their fortitude.   (Robert Browning quotes on BrainyQuote)

"But what if I fail of my purpose here? It is but to keep 
the nerves at strain,to dry one's eyes and laugh at a fall,
 and baffled, get up and begin again."

Taken from the poem, Life in Love by Robert Browning