Wednesday 6 February 2019

IWSG (Feb 2019)

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Thanks to Alex and this month's co-hosts:

I'm still not around the blog much at the moment but I'm dropping in today to participate in IWSG. 

Since I last posted I have finished reworking a manuscript and I'm nearly ready to start sending it out into the world.  This will be the fifth full length MG manuscript I have subbed and I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get any further along the road to finding an agent. I have had several 'near misses' and a good dollop of positive feedback and competition placements in the past but I just don't seem to be get to that next step. 

The good thing about having several polished manuscripts is that I can have something out on submission all the time, meaning I could potentially hear good news at any time. More chances has to be a good thing, right? However, as any writer out on submission knows, the waiting is HARD. It can consume your thoughts and occasionally actually zaps your creativity making it tough to write anything new. 

I have started drafting a new project and I want to be able to continue working on this whilst on submission, I just hope the creative juices will flow!

If you're in a similar position, how do you cope with being on submission long term? And have you ever felt like giving up your writing dreams?

IWSG Day Question: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have? 

I'm not sure I really have any other creative outlets. Writing is number one for me between work, family and other commitments I don't really have time for anything else at the moment.