Monday 28 January 2013

A little update

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much this last week. I haven't been feeling too well. On the mend now (I think!) but unfortunately I have also had some family news that is really taking over my head space at the minute. I need to focus on that for a few days so I may not be around much this week either. I have a couple of scheduled posts already sorted for later in the week so I'm not disappearing, just taking a back seat.

Hopefully I will be back on track soon.

Friday 18 January 2013

Celebrate the small things!

Today is the first posting of the Celebrate the small things group.Hosted by Viklit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. Great idea Vik!
How it all works!
Each Friday, post in your blog something you wish to celebrate achieving / doing that week.

It can be writing related: I finished a tricky chapter! I finished my outline!
It can be reading related: I read two books!
It can be life related: I tidied my sock drawer! My child finally ate something green! I cleaned the shed!
Why not visit Vik's blog and sign up to join in!


My small celebration for this week isn't related to my writing. Sadly I haven't had much time for that over the last few days and the coming week is shaping up to be a busy one too so not sure that will change much in the very near future! Anyway, I did go to a dance class. I love dancing and have tried all sorts over the years but I hadn't done modern jive for quite a long while. Probably at least two years, but I went along to the class and guess what? Lots of moves came flooding back! Sure I was a little rusty and messed up a few times but I was pleased with how much I could still remember. It is also an excellent workout which has gotta be a bonus! Not sure I will have the time to go again regularly but hopefully now and again.

What have you got to celebrate this week.

PS I may not be able to visit many blogs for a couple of days but I will catch up after the weekend. I'm looking forward to celebrating all your achievements whether great or small!

Sunday 13 January 2013

Christmas in January and other things!

Hope you have all had a nice weekend. I celebrated Christmas again yesterday! We started the tradition a few years ago with a group of good friends. For most of us Christmas in December is spent with family so we came up with the idea of celebrating again in January together. It is fun! So yesterday saw me cooking turkey and all the trimmings again!
Today has been beautiful. Clear blue skies, the nicest day we have had since.... well it's been so long I can't actually remember! So I pulled on my wellies  (it is still very wet and muddy underfoot) and headed out for a lovely long walk. It means that I haven't done any work on my manuscript today but the fresh sea air and the sight of the sunshine was a huge boast to the system so the pay off was worth it. I also strolled up to the top of our garden to see if any of the snowdrops were appearing yet. I mentioned them as one of the January birth flowers and a few people commented that they weren't familiar with the flower. I think it is native to Europe. I found a small patch of snowdrops just coming into flower so I took a photo and thought I would add it to this post. Unfortunately, blogger isn't playing ball and for some reason the photo won't upload. Arrgh sorry! I'll add at a later date if I can work it out!
Finally, just a couple of things I have signed up for and wanted to hightlight in case you have missed them. 

Annalisa Crawford  and  Kyra Lennon are hosting this fun bloghop about imaginery friends to celebrate the first year anniversary of Annalisa's book Cat & The Dreamer  Congratulations, Annalisa.

Vik over at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author is starting a hop for us to share and celebrate our weekly small achievements. It doesn't have to be writing related, it could be as simple as finally getting round to sorting your sock drawer or, for me, cleaning the cooker!! Head over to her blog for full details.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Have you seen these?

Hello everyone just wanted to highlight a few things that I have found around the blogosphere over the last few days.

I came across this great idea this week at Writer's Alley. Why not check it out and sign up. Hopefully we can remind ourselves of these thoughts during the course of the year.

Nick Wilford over at Scattergun Scribblings is hosting this blogfest to raise funds to support his step son Andrew. Head over to his blog for full details, this is a great cause.


ELAdams has just published her debut YA fantasy novel Puppet Spell. If you get chance pop over to her blog and say 'hi' if you haven't visited before.

I hope the new year has started positively for you all. Having read lots of blogs this week about resolutions and goals I think we are all going to have a busy writing year ahead. I have already made a start on my 'to do list.' My daughter's unicorn header is now up. I love it!

Thursday 3 January 2013

Birthstone Unicorn Series - Garnet

First off I want to thank all of you who stopped by my blog yesterday and commented on my IWSG post. Your kind words renewed me and I set to work on part of  my goals that same afternoon.

Well finally it's time to reveal my own birthstone jewel - the garnet! I've even got my own unicorn pendent complete with a garnet that my husband bought for me a couple of years ago. Isn't it cute?

If you want to find out more about this pretty gem take a look in the sidebar. The first verse of the old Gregorian Birthstone poem reads;

By her who in this month was born
No gem save garnets shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity

There are two very different flowers for the month of January the showy carnation and the simple elegance of the snowdrop. Our garden is so water logged at the moment that I haven't been able to take a walk to the top of the garden where a patch of snowdrops usually push their way into the world about now.

For those of you who are interested please click here to meet Garnet the January Birthstone Unicorn and read a short extract from her story.

Finally for anyone else celebrating their birthday this month I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Insecure Writer's Support Group

It's the start of the new year and also time for the wonderful, Insecure Writers Support Group posts. If by some chance you are unfamiliar with this group and would like to find out more or sign up please visit Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog.  The success of the group has meant that Alex now has two co-hosts each month to help him visit all the blogs involved. This month it is the turn of Tyrean at Tyreans Writing Spot and Jamie at mithrilwisdom.

Like many others, I am sure, I have been thinking a lot about what 2013 may hold for me. No doubt there will be the usual mix of ups and downs and many unexpected turns along the way. I am not really a 'New Year Resolution' kind of person. Of course I have hopes and dreams and things I would like to do, including eating less chocolate and eating more healthily! But I know that life has a way of throwing all sorts of things at you and so I tend not to stress myself  further by giving myself too many deadlines and dates to adhere to! This doesn't mean I don't have a list of things in my head gnawing away at me so I decided to break my own rule today and note down a few of  my writerly hopes for the year ahead.
  • Start submitting 'Arrosay' to agents/publishers. I can't sit on it any longer it is time to send it out into the big wide world and see if it flies.
  • Continue to pursue publication for 'Birthstone Unicorns Series.' I never really stopped with this aim, I still have faith it will find a home.
  • Sit down and start work on my new project, working title 'The Void.' This will be a slight sift for me in that whilst still fantasy it contains elements of paranormal as well. I have an outline, some character profiles and about 3 chapters under my belt but I would like to see where this YA story takes me! Wish me luck please!
  • Update blog, hopefully incorporating my daughters unicorn design in my header.
Reading this list they all seem reasonable goals, however, I am feeling anxious. What with one thing and another it has been at least 6 weeks since I wrote anything other than a blog post or Christmas card! What if I can't do it anymore? Has my creative muse deserted me, bestowing her favours upon another? On one hand I am excited for the new challenges ahead but on the other, well I'm just a little apprehensive.