Monday 26 November 2012

I'm turning into a dalek!

Happy Monday morning everyone!

Really short post to apologise for my absence around the blogsphere for a few days. I have been hit by some sort of throat infection/laryngitis. Every time I have tried to speak over the weekend the family have dissolved in fits of laughter as I sound like a dalek! Must be bad because I haven't even gone into work today and that is very unusual for me as I hate having time off. But I figure if my nearest and dearest are dissolving in fits when I try to talk trying to talk to a bunch of  school children is probably not the best idea! So staying inside in the warm and dry.

Our town had some floods over the weekend but we are OK at the moment but everywhere is so wet and it is still raining! Hope any fellow bloggers in the UK are safe and well.  I did notice that Ellie has posted about the flooding near her.  Hope things are looking better today, Ellie.

Take care and hopefully normal service resumed real soon.

Friday 16 November 2012

Oh, How I Miss You Blogest!

Today is the 'I Miss You Blogfest'! Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, Matthew MacNish and Andrew Leon.

An opportunity to spotlight a couple of our blogging buddies or say 'I miss you' to any bloggers who haven't posted recently or who have been absent from the blogging world.

Truth is I would miss so many of my lovely buddies that it is really hard to single out just a couple! Just knowing that someone has taken the time and trouble to check into my blog and leave a few words amazes me on a daily basis. And, Alex you really are a commenting Ninja - I don't know how you do it but thank you!

I haven't been around the blogosphere all that long myself so I haven't really lost touch with anyone so I am stretching the rules slightly here by mentioning DL over at Cruising Altitude.   I was introduced to DL through the epic competition known as WRiTE CLUB but I am looking forward to seeing DL's regular posts when this finishes.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S. Sorry if I am a bit late posting this. I prepared ahead of time and 'thought' I had scheduled to go up this morning. Just got home from work and realised it was still sitting in my drafts!! Oops must stop multi tasking!

Monday 12 November 2012

Giveaway Winners

Hello everyone, a short post tonight to announce the winners of my recent  giveaway to celebrate my 100 plus followers and the I'm Thankful for my Readers Bloghop! A massive thanks to all who took part and left such lovely comments I am truly thankful for you all and wish I could give you all a gift.
But until I win the lottery I will have to settle for just two lucky winners this time!

My daugher has randomly selected the winners so... drum roll please....

Winner of 'The Long Weekend' is...

                                        Louise at Make Dough and Mend

Winner of 'The Mermaid of Zennor' is...

                                        Kyra Lennon at Write Here, Write Now

Congratulations to you both!

Friday 9 November 2012

More Awards and Giveaways!

The lovely Heather at Random Interruptions recently nominated me for The Top Commentor Award! Thanks for thinking about me Heather. Now I try to be a good blogger - writing posts, joining hops  and commenting on as many of my fellow bloggers posts as I possibly can,but sometimes I simply run out of time to get round! I know most of you will know this feeling well and understand but please accept my apologies if I haven't visited your blog recently. I hope when you visit my blog you find something to interest or amuse you and I love reading your comments.

I am supposed to pass this award onto a few other bloggers. These are a just a small handful of the MANY blogs I enjoy reading and who I would like to give a mention. This isn't a blog that involves you in too much work but If you don't want to participate in this tag I won't be offended, I still love your blogs!

Sherry Ellis at Mama Diaries - The stories about her kids always make me smile.

Kyra Lennon at Write Here, Write Now - Kyra's posts are fun and interesting and she always has something going on! A busy girl  and very supportive of others.

The cosmic David Powers King - David's posts are fun and varied, always worth a read.

EL Adams at From the Writer's Nest - Her first ebook Puppet Spell will be published anyday now!

I noticed this link around the blogosphere this week and thought I would mention in case you haven't seen it. It is a fantastic opportunity from Beth Revis to win 50 yes FIFTY YA books! Only open to US mailing address due to postage so sadly I can't enter but it seems like a very generous giveaway. Check it out if you're interested. 


Finally, there is still time to enter my I'm Thankful for my Readers giveaway. I will be randomly drawing the winners on Monday 12th November.

Have a fun weekend everyone :)

Monday 5 November 2012

GIVEAWAY!! AND I'm Thankful for my Readers Blophop!

Hello everyone,  hope you had a  great weekend.  Recently I passed the *100 follower mark* and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a giveaway!

As I am also taking part in the bloghop,* I'm Thankful for my Readers* hosted by Vikki and Tara today seemed like the perfect day to start it.  Such a cool badge girls I love it!

I have been blogging since March this year. My first post was on Mother's Day as it happens! At the time I had no real idea what I was doing or how likely it was that anyone would ever read my humble blog. Yes, it took a little time finding my feet but it didn't take me long to connect with some wonderful people. Starting this blog was one of the best things I've done since I began my writing journey. Writing as we all know can be a lonely, teeth clenching, hair pulling experience but knowing there are others out there in the same position as me, willing to offer support and share their own experiences has helped enormously. I have learnt SO MUCH from you all and feel more confident moving towards my dreams. I value each and ever one of you whether a regular commentator or occasional visitor you are welcome.

So a massive THANK YOU to all my lovely readers I hope you continue to travel with me on my writing journey.

Here's an acrostic poem for all my blogger buddies out there!

My blogger buddies rock because they;
Brighten my day
Lighten the load
Offer advice
Give me their time
Guide me along this bumpy road
Emuse and educate me
Reassure me
Support me
Respect each others talents
Offer constructive criticism
Comment and chat on my posts

I have two very different books on offer for this giveaway, but they both have a Cornish theme. As many of you know I live near the sea in a lovely corner of South West England so I wanted to share a piece of this with you.

First up - The Mermaid of Zennor. As I mainly write for children I wanted to include a children's book. This one is a really beautiful picture book that I shared many times with my own children. It is one of those 'to keep' books. From the blurb; From a landscape rich with myth and magic comes this traditional folk tale, retold by master poet Charles Causley and illustrated with warmth and wonder by award- winning artist Michael Foreman. (published by

Secondly - The Long Weekend written by Vernonica Henry . One for the adults. I must confess I haven't read this one yet myself (on the TBR pile) but I have read another story by Veronica Henry, The Beach Hut, which I enjoyed. From the blurb; In a gorgeous quayside hotel in Cornwall, the long weekend is just begining... Here are affairs of the heart, secrets, lies and scandal - all wrapped up in one long weekend. (published by Orion Books).

This giveaway is open to all my lovely readers, new followers welcome to join in too,  so just go ahead and leave a comment and your preferred choice of prize to enter. No gadgets or rules to tweet, facebook or whatever (obviously if you want to that's fine!) I just want to say thanks for being there.  The giveaway will run for 7 days ending 5pm (UK time) on 12th November. After that time I will draw two lucky winners from all the comments received. If you want to be entered into both draws please say in your comment.

Thanks to Vikki and Tara for hosting this wonderful opportunity to say;