Wednesday 5 September 2018

IWSG (Sept) & other news

Hi everyone, September arrives and with it the reflections of summer and all the things I have done (and not done) over the year so far! Blogging for me has taken a bit of a back-seat this year, although I visit others more than I post myself, carving out the time to sit and put together even a shortish post worth reading, has proved more challenging. Not only in respect of the time but also the inspiration!

I have been writing, reading, researching, plotting, submitting and waiting and I think there are only so many ways to talk about this here without boring you all! I can often be found around Twitter though so feel free to join me there @SuzanneFurness if you don't already. That said, I do like to try and join in with the Insecure Writer's Support Group so thanks as ever to Alex and the other administrators for hosting this wonderful group. It's good to share and support each other because, as we all know, writing can be a lonely business if you don't connect with others.

In non-writing news, I took a weeks holiday to Croatia recently which was great. A chance to unwind and relax. Swim, read, eat and all the usual holiday things! It is a beautiful country and we met some lovely people. I am missing my breakfast table view! (pictured below). We swam in waterfalls, swimming pools and the warmest, clearest sea. Oh yes, and for those Game of Thrones fans among you . . . you might recognise a couple of these places! I don't watch it myself, but the view from there was amazing so well worth a visit! And more for movie fans - did you know that Mammia Mia Here We Go Again was filmed on the Croatia island of Vis? We took a boat trip around several of the islands which are really beautiful and saw Vis from a distance but didn't get to stop there this time.



School started back yesterday, so after six weeks off, it is back to the day job for me. I'm ready to see what the Autumn term will bring. Thanks for visiting . . .