Wednesday 6 May 2020

IWSG (MAY 2020)

Thanks to host Alex and this month's co-hosts :

This month's question is - Do you have any rituals you use to help get you in the zone to write?

This is a good one for these times I think. Like many I have been struggling to write, to create new words has seemed like the last thing I should be doing, or indeed the last thing I want to do. There is so much going on around us right now and my mind has been pinging around and unable to focus on any one thing for long.

I did think maybe I shouldn't even try to write. In the last few weeks everything has changed. I can't work as normal, I can't see my children as they are grown up and live in their own homes. I can't meet my friends for a walk or a chat. Even popping to the shops requires planning. And this is happening all over the world. 

So, writing of any sort for me was on hold for several weeks. It is only very recently that I have been able to dive back in. I started with some editing and in the last couple of days have managed to write a new chapter. New words, it feels good. A nice escape from reality so I am hoping my creative muse agrees to keep me company moving forward. 

I don't necessary have rituals. I like peace and quiet. No playlists for me. A mug of chamomile or ginger tea. Sometimes a bit of chocolate or a biscuit to nipple. If I have the choice I prefer to write in the mornings, I've never been that productive later in the day. 

So for now, I will celebrate the fact that my muse seems to have returned and I am getting enjoyment and comfort from writing. 

How about you? Any rituals? Are you able to write at the moment at all?

Stay well and thank you for visiting.