Wednesday 6 March 2019

IWSG (March 2019)

Thanks to Alex and this month's co-hosts:  Fundy Blue, Beverly Stowe McClure, Erika Beebe, and Lisa Buie-Collard

OPTIONAL IWSG Day Question: Whose perspective do you like to write from best, the hero (protagonist) or the villain (antagonist)? And why?

What an interesting question this month, it will be fun to read the answers! I write from the protagonist's view. This point of view seems to be the natural way for me to tell the stories I write. I have written single POV and once did a triple POV. I've even written as a ghost and an imaginary friend but I can't think of an occasion I went for the antagonist. It might be fun to have a go sometime though!

This last month I have added some words to a new project and done some editing on another. I was delighted to be long listed in the Write Mentor Children's Novel. The wait is on to see if my manuscript gets any further in the competition which would be lovely. However, just making a long list is a big achievement and it is always nice to get some validation for our writing. 

Thanks for stopping by today, I look forward to reading all your writing news and thoughts this month.