Wednesday 5 December 2018


Thanks to Alex  and Co-Hosts:  J.H. Moncrieff, Tonja Drecker , Patsy Collins, and Chrys Fey

So, we find ourselves at the last IWSG of 2018 - can you believe it?! I certainly can't, the months have just galloped by and I feel like I haven't really been on top of things with my blog for a while. Alongside work and family commitments I have been writing and editing as much as I can and I check in with Twitter almost daily, but finding the time to put together a proper post has slipped down my 'to do' list of late. If I haven't managed to visit your blog recently, please accept my apologies.

This month's optional question is: What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?

There's been some chat around Twitter recently about writing spaces/rooms. I love seeing other writers' special places. As my family has grown-up a spare bedroom became available and I tried to create a special writing space. I set up my laptop, pens and pads, post-its, inspiring pictures and a scented candle. All went well for a while, till daughter returned and reclaimed the room as a study for her own ongoing studies! Ah well, nice while it lasted!

At the moment I have set up at the dining room table. It isn't too bad as we also have a table in the kitchen so only use the 'best room' when we have visitors so I can leave my things out most of the time - I expect I'll be vacating it over the Christmas period though!

As to what I like to have around me apart from my laptop. There will be notepads and several coloured pens and highlighters. Index cards which I use for keeping track of characters and places. Folklore books and sheets of online research. A mug of tea or chamomile tea. Snack of choice is usually chocolate. At the moment there is also a basket of ironing and some Christmas baubles! One thing I really like is peace and quiet. I'm not a writer who works well with music or lots of noise around me.

I'm interested to hear what other writers like to have around them when they write. I bet there's a lot of you who disagree with me on the music front!

Thank you for stopping by today.