Wednesday 5 December 2018


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So, we find ourselves at the last IWSG of 2018 - can you believe it?! I certainly can't, the months have just galloped by and I feel like I haven't really been on top of things with my blog for a while. Alongside work and family commitments I have been writing and editing as much as I can and I check in with Twitter almost daily, but finding the time to put together a proper post has slipped down my 'to do' list of late. If I haven't managed to visit your blog recently, please accept my apologies.

This month's optional question is: What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?

There's been some chat around Twitter recently about writing spaces/rooms. I love seeing other writers' special places. As my family has grown-up a spare bedroom became available and I tried to create a special writing space. I set up my laptop, pens and pads, post-its, inspiring pictures and a scented candle. All went well for a while, till daughter returned and reclaimed the room as a study for her own ongoing studies! Ah well, nice while it lasted!

At the moment I have set up at the dining room table. It isn't too bad as we also have a table in the kitchen so only use the 'best room' when we have visitors so I can leave my things out most of the time - I expect I'll be vacating it over the Christmas period though!

As to what I like to have around me apart from my laptop. There will be notepads and several coloured pens and highlighters. Index cards which I use for keeping track of characters and places. Folklore books and sheets of online research. A mug of tea or chamomile tea. Snack of choice is usually chocolate. At the moment there is also a basket of ironing and some Christmas baubles! One thing I really like is peace and quiet. I'm not a writer who works well with music or lots of noise around me.

I'm interested to hear what other writers like to have around them when they write. I bet there's a lot of you who disagree with me on the music front!

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  1. Hope you have a great festive season and here's to 2019.
    I like my family photo's around my laptop so they're not "Far Away".
    Take care Suzanne.


    1. Best wishes to you too, Yvonne. A photo is a good thing to have close by.

  2. I'm right there with you on the peace and quiet. I can't write with music on or anything like that. I think lots of people have had trouble keeping up with blogging over the past year. I am guilty for sure.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  3. Sorry you lost your office.
    I can handle music but not a lot of noise.

  4. I too would gladly make room for a kid back at school. I hope your holiday season brings you and your family everything you dream of.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  5. Peace and quiet sure works for me too. At least she's studying away in your once writing room.

  6. I like peace and quiet, too. I can listen to music to get myself in the mood to write, but can't listen to it while I'm actually writing.

  7. I like to write in quiet too. And I sometimes use my dining room table like you.

  8. I prefer quiet while writing, too. I usually write in our sofa recliner, but when Hubs wants to watch TV, I do other things like social media. I have an office that I should get back to using. Have a great month.

  9. Sorry to hear about your office, but it's good she's studying in it.

    I love writing at our dining room table, as well. Looking forward to doing more writing there in 2019. And yay for peace and quiet!

    *whispers* oops. sorry. yay. :)

  10. I prefer quiet to write. And I roam around the house with my laptop. Room to room wherever my mood or muse takes me.

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas!!!

  11. I've read many IWSG posts on their writing spaces and many do have writing implements! Most have a cup of tea or coffee--something to drink, as well as snacks. Oh, and a cat!

    I am a pantser for sure! I don't have a journal or a paper with notes. There are, on rare occasions, where I've popped out of bed with a burning idea on my WiP, and I write that on my phone! I refer to that until the checklist is done. But those are rare moments.

    I write by the fly the majority of the time so it's mainly just my laptop and I!

  12. I don't mind the music background, but am lazy enough not to have it set up in the room I use for writing. I have on occasion found myself typing in time to some music in my head. Maybe a throw back to a place I lived (Italy at the time...long story) and I would write at night after my son was in bed and I would listen to a classical music station on the radio. Bach's tempo and almost 'mechanical' beat was great for typing quickly (if you knew what you wanted to type). I also love colored markers/highlighters. :)

  13. Having two tables is perfect. I only the one in the dining room space off my kitchen, which is too small for a table. So when I set up my laptop at my table, it and everything else needs to be moved when it's time to eat.

  14. I prefer quiet to write too.

  15. Fascinating! I always have folklore books nearby to help me with my projects, too. Same with notepads and index cards. (Soooo many of those, LOL.) I seem to be the odd one out who has music (and podcasts) playing all the time as I work, though...haha.

    Hope you've been having a fantastic December!


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