Wednesday 23 May 2012

Inspirational Places

Someone asked me the other day, "Where do you get your inspiration?" A common question for any writer I'm sure, but on this occasion it got me thinking about a particular place that inspired me.  

Three years ago I spent a fabulous few weeks with family and friends travelling in America. We saw many fascinating sights and built up a lifetime of memories but one place in particular stayed very much with me when we returned home - Lassen Volcanic National Park in northeastern, California. This place was so unlike anywhere I had visited before. The colours and contrast in scenery was indeed inspiring. Lush green meadows dotted with abundant wildflowers and criss-crossed with clear tinkling streams, nestled around mountains topped with snow. Waterfalls splashed over rocks, the spray making rainbows in the sunlight. Here you could stand in snow, dressed in shorts and flip flops and somehow not feel cold! And then there were the hydrothermal pits oozing boiling mud and smelling of rotten eggs! Of course the kids thought this was the best part!

But it is that meadow that I can still picture now, and it is that meadow I return to whenever I write about the 'Mystical Meadow,' in The Birthstone Unicorns Series. I'm sure the unicorns would be very happy there!

                                          Lassen Volcanic Park

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