Friday, 18 May 2012

The Olympic Torch is here!

Great excitement in my home town this evening as the Olympic Torch arrived on BA Flight 2012 from Athens. The crowds turned out to welcome the long awaited flame and the atmosphere was palpable. I was there an hour or so before the flight arrived and we were entertained by a helicopter display. As the lights of the aircraft appeared through the cloud a ripple ran through the crowd. Cheers and screams could be heard from those lucky enough to be inside the base with the TV crews. Unfortunately we were only just able to identify the party collecting on top of the steps but rushed home afterwards to watch the close up on the TV. So glad I went along to be part of this momentous occasion. Tomorrow morning we will line up to see the early stages of the torch relay.

                  Olympic Flame lands on British soil for the first time since 1948

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