Friday 12 February 2016

Celebrate the small things

Here in the South West of England we have been experiencing the force of storm Imogen this week.

Naming storms in the the UK is a relatively new thing. The Met Office invited the public to suggest names for autumn/winter 2015/16, following the alphabet and alternating male and female names. I believe the idea was that it would help raise awareness of the approach of severe weather and thus help people prepare. The arrival of storm Imogen therefore indicated the ninth storm to hit the UK since the pilot project began. I think naming the storms has made it seem like we have suffered more severe weather (although I don't think this is necessary the case) and in my small circle of of people it has been a topic of conversation, so maybe it is highlighting the potential problems.

Storm Imogen brought very strong winds, heavy rain and high seas. The pictures of some of the waves were phenomenal! We suffered some damage to our fence and a few small tree branches down, but nothing serious, so I will definitely celebrate that fact this week. My thoughts are with those that have been affected by any of the winter's storms. The power of mother nature will continue to test us.

I am also going to celebrate . . .

Next week is a half-term holiday so it means a few days from the day job and a chance to get in some extra writing time.  Yay!

My cute unicorn pen!

Happy weekend everyone. 


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  1. Cute!
    Glad you only had minor damage. We don't name land storms, but all hurricanes and tropical storms get one. And you haven't truly lived until you've been pelted by a storm called Bertha.

  2. Enjoy your holiday time. Hope you get lots of writing done. On another note, I was startled by the name of the storm. My protagonist's name is Imogene (in my MG mystery, Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls). She is not the "stormy" type (LOL). Have a great day.

    1. Hehe funny coincidence! Thanks for stopping by today Elizabeth.

  3. I'm glad the Imogene wasn't too serious for you. Here, we name storms, too. I think people relate to them better if they have a name. Glad you have holidays coming up so you'll have more time for writing.

  4. Golly Suzanne I thought our weather here in Bournemouth was bad enough, Do enjoy your week-end and half erm holiday from work.

  5. We've had some major wind here lately, there were a couple of days where I wouldn't let my cat out for fear of her blowing away! It seems to have died down now, though. Have a great weekend.

  6. Storms, named or not, can sure screw with things for sure. Deadpool has a pet Unicorn too lol

  7. That's an awesome pen :) Glad to hear that the storm didn't cause you too much trouble.

  8. Your unicorn pen is adorable! Hope you have fun writing during your time off! :)

  9. Hi Suzanne - love the unicorn pen .. what a great idea.

    The storms have been battering happily along haven't they - I check in to Penzance occasionally .. I don't like the naming of the storm - takes one's mind off the actual storm itself.

    Happy half-term next week ... cheers and let's all stay warm and safe - happy Unicorn writing - Hilary

  10. Storms have been named so long in the US that I never really thought about the reason for it. I think you're right that it heightens the public's awareness. I'm glad you survived Imogen intact. Have a great holiday and do some writing with that cute new pen!

  11. That's interesting. I never thought about why storms are named. Maybe for statistical reasons, too? It's great that you weren't seriously affected by Storm Imogen. Enjoy those writing days! Love that pen.

  12. Mother Nature is glorious and disastrous.

    Yay!! On getting some writing days!

  13. Ah! A unicorn pen. That's epic!

    We get some pretty crazy storms in Florida, but more often than not it just means high winds and torrential rain. In my 7 years here I've only once seen a storm that did actual damage--meaning a few shingles got dislodged and everyone had to take their yard things inside to keep them from blowing away.


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