Monday, 13 August 2012

Best laid plans...

I know a week ago I announced I was back and I know that since that time I have been pretty absent again! Apologies. My well laid plans, as is so often the case, got scuppered and chances to switch on my computer have seemed scarce! I had to go away for a couple of days to family and now I'm home with visitors. One or two other family matters have cropped up as well so I am expecting this week to be a bit hit and miss too.

Husband went back to work today so I decided to get up early this morning while the house was quite and try and have an hour to myself before everyone else surfaces. I don't know about you guys but I always do my best work and thinking when I have peace and quiet.We watched the closing ceremony of Olympics last night so I expect they will all sleep in a little. Some great music, quite a spectacle I thought. Did you watch it?

I have got a couple of posts half prepared so may get to them during week, will just see how it goes.

Nice glass of refreshing mint tea anyone?

Tasted this on holiday. It was delicious! And such pretty glasses.


  1. Mmmm, mint tea! I love that stuff (though i've only ever had it hot).

    I know the feeling when it comes to "best laid plans" - I've been fairly absent on my blog too, lately. Not really because I want to be, though. I'm just a bit rudderless blogging-wise, I suppose!

  2. I know the feeling of invasion and needing time to yourself. Thought the closing ceremony was cool.

  3. Life is a harsh mistress. You must deal with the important aspects of day-to-day living. I hear the closing ceremonies were spectacular. As a rare blood courier I seldom get to see TV. Regular hot tea is the choice for me! :-)

  4. Hey,

    I operate at the other end of the day... once the boys are asleep, then I "go to work."

    But I soooo know what's it like to fall behind, or out of writing schedule.

    Just don't give up, y'hear :)

  5. It sounds like you have been busy. I hope you are able to find that time for yourself.
    The closing ceremonies were filled with great music! and the mint tea sounds delicious :)

  6. Planning? What's that??? Haha. :) Glad to have back again ;)

    I didn't watch much of the closing ceremonies. So sad they're OVER!

  7. Aww thanks so much everyone for stopping by and your lovely comments. I have managed an hour at the computer today *whispers* so feeling more in tune with things.

  8. "Being With You" mm for my sins stumbled across your site while being bored in work and doing a google "Who's doing what now moment !"

    That title once mean't alot, glad to see you have had a wonderful life.

  9. oh! I do like mint tea, especially from a pretty glass.

  10. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Life is full of ups and downs but sometimes the simple things 'like a delicious glass of mint tea in a pretty glass' are worth savouring.

  11. Very true or though I'll pass on the mint tea!
    A nice glass of elderflower wine goes down a treat.


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