Sunday 29 April 2012

Second Drafts ... and the third and fourth!

Have managed to spend several hours today editing my teen fantasy novel, The Children of Arrosay. I can happily sit back this evening in the warm glow that comes from a productive session of writing. My second draft is one step nearer completion. The first draft was too over cluttered with main characters so I have concentrated on editing two characters out and making those that remain much stronger. I think it is working and the overall storyline much improved. There will be a third edit and possibly a fourth but I am enjoying getting to know my characters inside out. Hopefully this will shine through in the final cut. It is true that much of the real work of writing takes place in the editing process. But I believe I owe my story the time to evolve and grow and therefore it is time well spent.

It is a wild and storming day in Cornwall today. I set my laptop up in the conservatory overlooking the garden. I have been kept company by the howling wind and rain pelting down on the glass roof. Not to mention the rather loud purring of a cat! It was all quite atmospheric actually and I will certainly work in here again warm and dry but surrounded by the elements of nature!

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