Saturday 7 April 2012

In the footsteps of Agatha Christie!

Have just got back from a nights stay on the wonderful Burgh Island, in Devon. We went with several other members of the family, to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday and my daughter's 18th in true 1920's style. For any fans of the Art Deco style this place is a must see (although sadly not cheap!). All the rooms are furnished with genuine pieces of furniture and are named after famous people who have visited and have connections with the island's history. We stayed in the Mountbatten Room. It was funny trying to see our teenage daughters working out how to use an 'old fashioned telephone.' In the evening my husband and I got a chance to put our ballroom dance lessons into practise and twirled round the floor to applause.

This was actually our second visit to the island as my brother in law got married there a few years ago. On that occasion I was lucky enough to stay in the Beach House. The old haunt of Agatha Christie no less. More contemporary than the main hotel but the most fabulous views out to sea. You can lie in bed, or the freestanding bath, looking out at the ocean. Inspirational! I can see why Agatha Christie loved it so much there, I would love to position my laptop in front of that view, I'm sure the words would fly off my fingers! Walking along the cliffs it is very easy to imagine Hercule Poirot tottering along towards you in his dapper suit and shiny shoes, muttering about, "his little grey cells." The island was the setting for, And Then There Were None, and Evil Under the Sun.

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