Friday 24 February 2017

Celebrate the small things

Well, somehow we find ourselves racing towards the end of the month again! Time to reflect and post a few small celebrations.

Since I last posted I have managed to add about 6,000 words to my current MS. Quite pleased with that progress.

I also 'rediscovered' an old MS and have done some editing on it with a view to possibly re-submitting it. I wrote it a few years ago and going back to it made me realise how much I have improved as a writer. It needs some work but the characters and plot are solid and I think it definitely deserve a second chance!

I went to London for a couple of days. Exhausting but fun time was had.

I am still managing to read quite a lot. It is my favourite way to unwind and get to sleep at night. Recent reads include;
  • Lying About Last Summer (YA)  - Sue Wallman
  • The One Memory of Flora Banks (YA)  - Emily Barr
  • A Girl Called Owl (MG)  - Amy Wilson
Three quite different stories but I enjoyed them all.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend and some more writing.

Happy weekend

                                                     Thanks to Lexa and her lovely co-hosts
            L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge 
   Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog


  1. Good progress and cool you rediscovered that older story.

  2. Nice to rediscover indeed and pumping out words along with reading is sure a win.

  3. It is amazing when we go back to look at our old work to see how we've grown. I believe that's a great thing. So good to hear you're writing is progressing!

  4. Good job with your writing and glad to hear you had fun in London, Suzanne. Great things to celebrate for sure.

  5. I got the reminder of IWSG and was stunned that March is NEXT WEEK! Congrats on the 6k of progress and the old story you can breathe new life into. Yay for a fun trip to London and for reading enjoyable books! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  6. Well done on the word count! I love finding old manuscripts - they make great inspiration! Most of my old stuff is really dated and still makes use of phone boxes!

  7. Pleased you have added to your manuscript. Also that visit to London although tiring must have been great. Di you encounter any bad weather as I heard much of Britain was hit by "Storm Doris?"

  8. Hi Suzanne - well done on managing to write a fair amount and good luck this weekend as you continue on. Great you've found that old manuscript you can describe as solid writing - so now something else to finish off ...

    Going to London sounded fun - always good to meet up with friends and enjoy a night or two out and about ... happy weekend - cheers Hilary


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