Friday 27 November 2015

Celebrate the small things

This is going to be a round up of the last couple of weeks as I haven't managed to post for a while! The weeks are whizzing by aren't they?

Since I last posted I've been to London for a flying visit to see the Lord Mayor's Parade. We were only there for about 36 hours but it was worth the 300 mile trip. Our eldest daughter worked on the design for one of the floats so we wanted to go and see it. The weather was a bit damp but we all had a nice time. Our youngest daughter (who is at university) managed to meet up with us too. I am always happy for time spent together.

I have started my Christmas shopping! Can you believe it is December next week? Without giving too much away I spent a lot of time in the book shop so expect lots of bookish gifts!

I bought a fab pair of boots for myself. They are mainly for work but they are so comfy I am living in them at the moment. And yes they are a little bit purple!

Slowish progress on the writing/revisions. I have spent most of my writing time working on a complete re-write of chapter 2. I want to be happy with it before moving to far ahead as it will determine the way the next few chapters go so I think it will be time well spent. Trouble is I alternate between thinking I've nailed it to thinking it stinks! That's normal right?

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Happy weekend


  1. Yeah, that is normal. the next time you think you nailed it, nod and agree then get to chapter 3 haha

  2. Yes! I do the same thing!!! Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. Yes, you're normal. Isn't it great when you get to see your children? Especially so when you're sharing in their achievements.

  4. Lovely to do all those great things Suzanne,
    Enjoy your week-end.

  5. Glad you had fun with family. Good luck with shopping and revisions.

  6. Hi Suzanne - well you've been busy ... glad the boots are comfortable - they sound ideal. Lovely you met up with everyone in London - I went to the Guildhall to see something - post coming up (sometime!) ... and saw the Carriage in waiting ... they'd closed what I wanted to see.. so had to go back this week. Books love them!

    Good luck with the revisions and the rest of Christmas shopping ... Hilary

    1. Hi Suzanne - I did note you were there ... but no pic of the Coach - so forgot when I wrote mine up.

      You saw it for real ... cheers H

      and now Happy Christmas and New Year !!

  7. Lots of good things to celebrate. So glad you had fun admiring the parade floats, especially your daughter's! So happy you're enjoying your new boots and already started with Christmas shopping! Good job!

  8. How great that you got to see your daughter's float and that your other daughter came too! That definitely makes it worth the trip. Yes, I'm afraid revisions are when most writers only see the bad and forget about the good. I end up convinced my books are lousy by the end of the revision process. But it isn't true! Getting betas to read and give you the thumbs up always helps. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Congrats to London and boots! And good luck with revisions. Luckily, there's a lot of lovely music and goodies to help that process along this time of year.

  10. The whole trip to London and that float sounds fascinating. Christmas is just around the corner. Was it not just Summer a moment ago. Lol.

  11. Purple boots? Perfect for brightening up these grey, winter days. Happy walking! Or are you dancing? Or just splashing through the puddles?

  12. Thank you all for visiting and commenting :)


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