Monday 10 August 2015

A mid summer check in .....

Thought I would drop by the blog and let you know what I've been up to recently.  I'm still likely to be a bit sporadic around these parts for another week or so as I am taking every opportunity to focus on my writing at the moment. I even have the germ of a new idea fizzing about my head and a new character that just won't go away! I want to sit down and make some notes and see if it can lead somewhere. I think it could be interesting.

Anyway, outside of writing and continuing with some submissions what else have I been doing on my summer break so far?

Well, I went away for a week with the family to Menorca. We had a great week, relaxing, sightseeing and generally re-charging the batteries. Here are a few pics.

The little cove was beautiful and the sea so clear it was almost like swimming in an aquarium. The down side was that there were about 180 steps back up! In the heat we certainly got some exercise, which was probably a good job as we fell in love with this delicious local cake and ate far too much of it!

 Ensaimada is a traditional product of the Balearic Islands. A dough mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, milk and lard. We particularly liked the one filled with a creamy custard. It is surprising light and easy to eat! My daughter is actually trying to recreate this in the kitchen as I type! I wonder what it will taste like?

I am looking forward to catching up with some old friends at the weekend. Old in the sense I have known them like .... forever not that they are past it or anything! (Just in case any of you happen to read this!)

Finally for today, I would just like to officially wish my blog buddy Helen Maslin huge congratulations and lots of luck on the recent release of her debut novel Darkmere. A YA ghost story published by Chicken House. Helen is a wonderfully supportive lady and her success is well deserved. I'm sure she is headed for great things. Check it out on Amazon or goodreads

A Castle. A Curse. A dangerous summer...


  1. Hi Suzanne - glad you've been concentrating on writing and spending time with the family - the Menorca holiday looks so much fun - good sea, sand and cake ... !! Let us know how your daughter's kitchen adventures worked out ...

    Happy week ahead .. cheers Hilary (PS I'm still away!)

  2. I will, Hilary thanks! Hope you are enjoying your break too :)

  3. An amazing place it seems, wonderful photos. And all the best with your writing and ideas!

  4. That is one type of germ I don't mind popping in haha

  5. Pleased you had a good family holiday and things are going your way.
    Take care.

  6. What a beautiful place to stay! A little extra exercise is good if you were snacking on that treat.

  7. Menorca? Fun! Those pics you took of it are beautiful...

  8. Beautiful pics! 180 steps is no laughing matter though, especially in the heat. God job there was cake waiting for you :-)

  9. Looks and sounds like a perfect summer. Enjoy!

  10. A great vacay is the best excuse for not blogging. I love the pics! Wishing Helen much success on her new release. I love horror and will have to check this book out. :)


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