Thursday 21 June 2012

On your marks ...

This week, a lot of schools seem to be, trying, to hold their annual Sports Day. I say, trying, because I know several have had to postpone events due to the good old British weather! Anyone else out there growing webbed feet yet?

Anyway, it got me thinking about some analogies between these traditional school events and the writing and publishing process. I thought I'd share some of them with you as they cheered me up today.

Egg and Spoon Race - This was always one of my personal favourites. Carefully balancing that little egg as you moved as quickly as you could towards the finishing line. You no doubt dropped it many times but you always picked it up and continued on your way. Occasionally, (if your school was one that used real eggs!) it broke and no matter how hard you tried you were never going to scoop it up and make it to the end, BUT, and this is the really important bit, it didn't stop you trying again next year did it? Isn't this exactly what we do as writers? We write, we nurture and protect, we move out into the big wide world of agents and publishers. We get a knock back and another and probably another but we keep going. Even when our precious 'egg' is broken by agent after agent, we don't let it stop us trying again.

Sack Race - This one reminded me of being stuck at the bottom of a slush pile, desperately trying to bounce my way past all my competitors and into the lovely agent's hands.

Obstacle Race - Erm, probably not much explanation needed here. You want me to jump through a hoop and balance on a narrow beam? Of course, I'm up for that!

100m Sprint - At last your chance to shine, you're ahead of the field. You've had a request for a full. Nothing can stop you now, that lovely gold medal is in sight. You reach the tape, victory is yours!! Yay, they love you, the crowd cheers as you secure your very own agent. 

Now all you have to do is run a marathon - secure a publisher, edit some more, promote your book etc etc. But never forget to smile, this is fun remember.



  1. This brings back fond memories of Field Day in school

  2. Excellent analogies!

    I hated Sports Day at school though lol!

    1. Thanks, Kyra, I wonder who dreamt up half the events lol!

  3. Dreadful weather, but what's a little Sports Day without rain? :)

    I loved the 100m sprint.

    1. You're right, Talli. If we waited for the weather to brighten up we may be in for a long wait lol!


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