Thursday, 29 September 2016

Celebrate the small things

How can it possibly be Friday again? And the end of September? But it is . . . and so it's time to celebrate the small things that have made the week memorable or simply made us smile.

The week started well with an unexpected get together with some friends. Sometimes I think the unplanned met-ups can be the most fun.

I've managed three walks. One saw a little drizzle, one was a lovely autumnal afternoon and one was decidedly damp and misty but whatever the weather I enjoy getting out for some fresh air and exercise.

It is getting cooler and the evenings are drawing in but I guess that is to be expected. We are definitely into autumn. I am typing this looking at the trees behind our house and the rich browns and oranges of the season are very visible. Thoughts start to turn to soups and stews and other comforting foods.

I am looking forward to Sunday as we are meeting up with our daughter for the day and having a belated 21st birthday lunch with her.

Happy Friday


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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Celebrations and Reflections

I've not been around the blogosphere much lately. If you read my earlier post you know that I have been going through a period of adjustment and for whatever reason I haven't felt much like blogging. If the truth be told I've been drifting . . .

. . . going through the motions of the day but having little energy for more.

However, in the spirit of trying to get myself sorted, I am determined to join in with the celebrations hop this week. So here we go . . .

* My baby girl turns 21 on Saturday! I may not be physically with her to celebrate but I'm sure we'll Skype or chat during the day. Hopefully we'll get to meet up later in the month.

* Being at home on our own has some advantages  - like less washing in the basket!

* I went to see Bridget Jones's Baby the other night. I thought it was a fun movie and Hubby was even brave enough to come with me! He was slightly outnumbered though. In the packed theatre audience I think I counted about four men!

* Our apple tree has lots of fruit on it - apple crumble this weekend then . . . yummy!

   Happy Friday


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Friday, 2 September 2016

Celebrating the new month and weathering the changes ahead . . .

Never forget to look up . . . you may be surprised what you will see

Welcome to September, can you believe it? I have been away from the blog, well most online activities, for a couple of weeks. I think it does you good to step away for a while and have a internet detox! Anyway I thought I'd drop in and update the blog and see what everyone has been up to.

I've been enjoying time with friends, going for some nice walks, reading and mulling over some writing ideas. And best of all, I enjoyed a week away to Majorca. Lots of sunshine and general lazing around.  It was great to spend some time with the family as things are about to change around our house . . .

Firstly, our youngest daughter is heading back to university for her final year next weekend. She has been home for about three months, gaining some relevant work experience locally and generally taking a study break.

And then our eldest daughter is flying the nest the following week as she has bought her own home with her boyfriend. It's not too far away so I know I'll still see her lots but it's still a big step on the road to independence. I am so proud of them both and happy for them but I am not quite sure how I'm going to feel for a while. It'll be quiet round here but I guess I'll throw myself into my writing! I'm trying to think of it as the next chapter in my life!

It is also time to go back to the 'day job' next week and I know that will have a few changes in store for me as well.

Flowers in the Spanish sunshine . . . so cheerful

Maybe the stars have just aligned and decided to throw lots of adjustments at me at once! It'll all be fine . . . change is part of life and without it we can't move forward, I just need to take a deep breath and embrace it. But please bear with me . . . it may take me a week or two to settle into some new routines. Who knows, maybe it'll be my time to shine too.

Look ahead . . . you never know what's on the horizon

   Happy Friday


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Friday, 19 August 2016

A short break . . .

Just a short post this week to say I have decided to take a two week blogging break. I've got a friend coming to stay and then a trip planned. I will also try and do some more drafting on my latest project. I'll likely be back at the end of the month with all my news.

Until then, my friends I wish you all well . . .

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Celebrate the small things

The summer break seems to be racing by and I am left with a feeling of things slipping away . . . what have I achieved in my time away from the day job? Where am I going?  Celebrating the little things that make me smile and give me a rosy glow is one way to do that.

I started outlining a new story. A lot of it is still in my head but the main character is nagging at me! I also have a title which I am loving and I feel it is going to be fun to write. 

The weather here is better. We have had some sunshine and I have been out for a few walks. They can be excellent for helping to think through plot ideas.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my daughter was painting up some old furniture . . . I decided I couldn't let her have all the fun so I had a go myself and painted an old pine chest. 

I've done it in a rich burgundy colour and finished with a dark wax. You can't really see the effect in the photo as the light is shining on it but I am pleased with it. I have been told it looks purple . . . but honestly it isn't, it's burgundy!

And finally, tomorrow we hope the fine weather continues so that we can have a game of croquet! It's a great game to play with a group of friends. We are lucky enough to have a large back lawn which lends itself quite nicely to the past time.  

   Happy Friday


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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Insecure Writing Support Group (August)

It's the first Wednesday of the month and that means time for another group posting of IWSG! The team have recently introduced a new question feature each month to go alongside the posts. This month's question is;

What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

The first thing I wrote, with any serious aspirations of being a writer, was something quite ambitious! I leapt straight in and wrote a whole novel in the contemporary woman's fiction genre. Back in 2009 when I started, this was the genre I thought I would write in. I knew little nothing about things like, planning, structure, plot and so on, I just wrote and what I ended up with, all those months later, was 91,424 words of something vaguely resembling a story but which of course, at the time, I thought was amazing! With the advantage of hindsight and several years of hard work later, I know differently. Reading it makes me cringe at the clunky phasing and dodgy punctuation. There was too much telling and not enough showing, cliche that makes me want to hide behind a pillow to read but best (or worst!) or all it starts with the main character waking up and looking in a mirror! But . . . I had proved to myself I could complete a novel and that was HUGE. 

The piece was called Jigsaw. It dealt with the lives of several characters, and showed how their lives fitted together but also how small, seemingly inconsequential decisions, can be life changing. There was a lot wrong with the story, but I think the plot itself was quite well imagined, I just didn't have the skill to do it justice at the time. Who knows, maybe one day I will revisit it and turn it into something much better but at the current time it languishes on my laptap as a reminder of how far I've come.

If I hadn't written it, maybe I wouldn't be the writer I am now. We have to constantly grow and learn to move forward and I think Jigsaw was a big part of my own writing puzzle . . . an apprenticeship if you like, that showed me the direction I would ultimately take in my writing. Any regulars here will know that I actually write mainly for children . . . early readers, middle grade and young teen is where I am most comfortable. Although I do write some short stories for adults which I find a nice contrast as I can explore themes and ideas that would just not work or be appropriate in children's fiction.

In a way my biggest insecurity at the moment relates to this very first piece. I have come such a long way and yet there still seems a long way to go. I have made no secret of the fact that I would love to publish through traditional routes. I work hard for it, I would continue to work hard for any agent or publisher who took a chance on an unknown like me. Despite some great feedback from agents, publishers and editors in the past I am still travelling that road, looking for the perfect fit, for the stars to align and for that little bit of luck that will push me to the next level. Because I do believe there is an element of luck involved, when you look at some of the statistics of making it through the slushpile you can see the odds are staked against you.

Brilliant, well-known writers often share their own experiences of rejection and I thank them for that, it helps to know that they have been here. They have experienced those days of despair when you feel like chucking it all in and taking up a more realistic dream, because it is hard to pick yourself up and carry on. But they didn't give up and neither will I.  My own personal mantra when things get tough has always been;

"To be successful a writer needs two things. Belief and hope. Belief in themselves and their writing and hope that others share their belief."

This is just my story and my dream but if this IWSG sees you despairing of ever reaching your goals, whatever they may be, hang in there and believe in yourself, but most importantly of all . . . enjoy the journey.

First Wed of Every Month 

Thanks as ever to Alex J. Cavanaugh for being our host and this months co-hosts;

                                                                    Julie Flanders

Friday, 29 July 2016

Celebrate the small things

This week we have been in chaos at home! We are having new windows and front door fitted and it has sort of taken over everything. Moving furniture and cleaning up afterwards - amazing where all the dust creeps to! On the plus side they are looking great and will be so much easier to maintain than the old wooden ones that were starting to rot. It has also made me clean some of those places that often get forgotten about - you know, like behind the TV! I want to wash some of the curtains before I re-hang them but the weather hasn't been great this week so I haven't managed that yet. Hopefully over the weekend, seems a shame not to whilst they are down anyway. Windows are important aren't they? Sort of like the eyes of the home I always think.

We caught up with some friends we haven't seen for a while in the middle of the week. The evening brightened a little and we had a stroll on the beach and a nice meal in a bar.

I surprised myself yesterday and wrote a short story! 2700 words just flowed and it felt good to write again as I haven't done much over the last month. It was a surprise because I had no intention of sitting down and writing it at all - I hadn't thought about it or planned it . . . then a first line popped into my head that I rather liked and well . . . 3 hours later a story written. It's in the crime/psychological genre which isn't something I usually write at all either. So another surprise there! I guess it's always good to try something new and when the muse strikes who am I to argue. My next job this morning will be to revisit the story and actually see whether there is anything there worth working on further!

As well as the windows my daughter has decided to renovate some old furniture this week. She really likes the shabby chic type look and we picked up a couple of little tables on Monday for a bargain price. She also bought the jugs. They are so pretty and apparently quite old. She is going to keep make-up brushes in the small one and some flowers in the large one (the middle sized one is undecided yet!) Anyway it really inspired her to try the technique herself so we went and bought a couple of tins of chalk paint and off she went. She has already given an old blanket box a new lease of life and the bookcase in the back of this picture is next on her list.

Then there's a little table that we were about to throw away and a pine mirror in the bathroom . . . anyway you get the picture. As long as I don't come home one day and find everything painted! We are having a switch around of bedrooms soon as our eldest is taking the huge step of buying a house with her boyfriend and she will be moving out soon so most of the pieces she is renovating will be for her new bedroom.

Looking back over the week there's been quite a lot going on really. Hoping for a sunny weekend and a break from the drilling and hammering . . .

Happy weekend to you all and thanks for stopping by.


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