Friday, 10 November 2017

Celebrate the small things

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A month seems to have somehow slipped by since I posted for this fun and simple blog hop!  Sometimes I think we focus way too much on the negatives so this is a great way to counteract that and remember all those little things that often get lost or forgotten - a kind of hug for the soul. Therefore, I'd like to celebrate and give a little high five to the following things that have happened recently.

* Last weekend we met with the company we are using to supply the marquee for our daughter's wedding in 2019. It may seem like a while off but the best companies get booked up so earlier that we need to get ahead on things! Anyway, having a site visit and chatting about the options made things a lot clearer for us all. We have also had a successful initial meeting with the caterers and they have some great ideas for food choices, so, all in all, we have lots to think about and plan now, just need to keep on saving up! If you've ever been involved with a wedding you probably know how expensive things can be even though we aren't planning anything too lavish!

* We decided we needed to give our living room a refresh. We started to look at the room in a different way and began moving furniture around . . . and well it is amazing what a difference it made! We took down some pictures that had been hanging in the same place for years and swapped them with some others from around the house. We got rid of a rug that we have had since the girls were small and moved the TV to the other side of the room, de-cluttered a few things and finally, we painted the walls a light and airy cream. It looks and feels so different but we would like to get a new sofa to complete the transformation as ours is quite saggy in places now! (Much like me I guess!!)

* The woodpecker has been spending a lot of time in the garden. I think it is enjoying the fallen apples. It's cheery red head bobbing around the lawn always makes me smile.

* The cold, dark evenings make me want to close the curtains and light some candles. I love lighting my scented candles as it makes it feel so cosy.

* I managed to put together a couple of submissions this week. I like knowing that I have writing out there and being considered. You never knew where it may lead.

Well, that's my little list this week, hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by.


  1. It sounds like you've had a week full of many accomplishments. Hats off to you. It sounds like you're making beautiful preparations for the coming wedding. Congratulations on having submissions out there. I like candles, too. I don't light them often enough because I get busy, but they do cast a soft and loving light in the room.

  2. We went to the Justice of the Peace, so our wedding was super cheap!
    I'm stunned you're planning a wedding that far in advance. We had only a few months between getting engaged and married. (Thus another reason for my first statement.)
    Isn't decluttering awesome?

  3. Wow, you've been busy! Weddings always sound super stressful, so preparing for it this early is wise, for sure. (Especially with how quickly time likes to speed by anymore!) And that's great about the living room refresh. Hope you can finally get a new sofa to bring it all together one of these days!

    And how exciting about those submissions, too! Will keep my fingers crossed that it results in some good news...

  4. Hi Suzanne - what you're doing makes sense - that's great ... and remember to keep in touch with the organisations as things might change for them in the meantime. But you've done loads if you've revamped the sitting room - have a look around the charity shops for a sofa - some good ones pop up ... not ideal - but a way of reducing the cost. So pleased you're writing too ... enjoy the autumnal or winter days as another dose is coming down - cheers Hilary

  5. What a busy time you've had Suzanne, I suppose one does dwell on the negatives at some point in our lives but if we learn from it all well and good.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Wedding planning is exciting - enjoy. My mum used to have a winter and summer arrangement for her furniture, all based around her need (or lack of) for radiator access. Good luck with the submissions :-)

  7. Decluttering sure is a win for my OCD. Yeah, nuts how far in advance things have to be booked.

  8. You have lots to celebrate this week, Suzanne. So excited for you. I love weddings and I'm sure your daughter's will be spectacular.

  9. That's quite a list! Glad to hear that the wedding preparations are flowing along. Good luck with the submissions!

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