Sunday, 9 September 2012

Two seasons in one weekend!

I've had a busy week back at school and already the summer break is receding into the dim and distant past. Why is it the sun starts to shine for several days at a time the minute school restarts?

Saturday got off to a great start with an impromptu breakfast in the local park.  It was glorious, warm and sunny. Even though it was quite early there were plenty of people out enjoying the late summer sunshine. I meet this guy whilst I was there too! They look so much bigger out the water.

Today, Sunday, has been a totally different day. We went for a walk and there was more than a hint of Autumn in the air. It was cooler and the sky a blanket of grey cloud. Walking under the trees you couldn't fail to notice the leaves which were beginning to turn brown and fall.
It really does feel like this weekend was a meeting of the seasons. Did anyone else notice this?  Maybe it's just another of the idiosyncrasies of the British climate.
Back home our cat, Tilly, seems to have the right idea! 

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


  1. We were summer humid yesterday and much cooler today. Not yet fall, but getting closer.

  2. It's hard to tell when fall comes here in Florida but we have had breezy weather for the past couple days so it does feel a little cooler. If only the leaves would change here...I would like that

  3. I love autumn. We had a weekend more like fall here. It was fantastic.

  4. Love the kitty photo! :) Here in London, it was hot hot hot! Now, it's cooler and more autumnal. I'm quite looking forward to autumn, I must admit.

  5. Thanks for dropping in everyone. I love those crisp Autumn days when you can walk along kicking the piles of leaves. The colours are fabulous too, all those golds and browns.

  6. It felt like a mix of Summer/Fall here, too. Hot days. Cold night. Kinda messing with my head. :)

  7. It's been cold here today and getting dark so early in the evening.

  8. Our weather: weird. hot one minute, cold the next. this just means winter is coming and I love winter:)

    1. Weird weather, yeah I said that to someone today when it was raining and sunny. Saw a lovely rainbow though. I LOVE rainbows :)

  9. A cool front blew in this afternoon. Now it's raining a bit and we expect much cooler temps in the week to come. Nice pics, Suzanne. They support your words quite nicely! :-)


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