Thursday, 22 March 2012

Unicorns are Magical!

Today I would like to share a short extract from my Birthstone Unicorns Series with you. My magical world is revealed in a series of twelve individual stories ...

Thump! Garnet landed softly in Stardust Land and Chloe slid off her back. Chloe gazed all around in wonder.
      She was surrounded by other unicorns, each one as beautiful as Garnet but with different coloured jewels in their horns. Nestled amongst the trees were rabbits, squirrels, deer and foxes. Most extraordinary of all - tiny people sat amongst the roots of the giant trees!
     Peering closer, Chloe saw that there were a mixture of men and women, young and old. They all had large pointy ears and huge green eyes that shone brightly. She noticed that one of them, a girl with fair hair plaited on top of her head, appeared to be crying. Chloe watched as the girl reached down and picked up the hem of her bright blue, ankle length dress. The tiny girl dabbed at her eyes with the cloth before blowing her nose noisily on it!
     Chloe rubbed her hands over her own eyes. Surely she must be dreaming?
     Sensing her confusion, Garnet whispered, “Elves.”
     But there was no time for further explanation as Garnet was already busy explaining to the others that she had brought Chloe to Stardust Land to help them write a letter to Wizard Wenn.

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