Thursday, 20 December 2012

Build Me a Blog-Hop!

Welcome to Build Me A Blog - Hop!
David Powers King is hosting this fab blog hop to celebrate reaching 800 followers. There are some awesome prizes up for grabs! Thanks David.
Here's the details folks - in David's own words
- On December 20th, by 8 AM MST, include in your post a 200 word description of your dream blog/site/banner/avatar/etc. What would it look like? I'll read all the entries and select three winners who wowed me so much that I want to see their description come to life!

Winners will be announced December 21st, and the prizes are:

3rd place: a banner/icon/avatar designed by Tara Tyler.
2nd place: a banner/icon/avatar designed by Darren Hansen.
1st place: a blog background designed by Lisa Campbell ($50 value).
The best Runner Up will receive a rare box of Hostess cupcakes!


Re-vamping my blog has been on my mind of late. Trouble is I have little idea how to go about it and I don't have the time to spend hours on it. So this hop has given me the ideal chance to think through my ideas and get a clearer picture of what I would like people to see when they click on my site!

I would like my blog to reflect my stories and my personality.  I write predominately for children and YA and my genre of choice is fantasy. Although I don't want it to look too child like or cartoony. I LOVE unicorns so they would feature in my perfect blog.  My talented daughter has recently started to design a unicorn logo for my header so it would be great to incorporate that too. As for backgrounds anyone who knows me already would guess it would feature purple. Possibly tones/shades of a sky over a lake. I quite like using my photo on my home page but an avatar would be fun to use at times. I'm not really a gadget person, I prefer simple and not too cluttered. However, I quite fancy a way to chart progress on my WIP.

I hope my random ramblings make some sort of sense. My brain is pretty full of other stuff at the moment!

Once again seasons greetings to you all. Catch you in the New Year.


  1. Purple is a great color, and unicorns are always fun. They say fantasy as nothing else can. Good ideas!

  2. purple is my fave and i <3 unicorns! would love to see her logo! good luck!

  3. Once again...I'm late to the party. Great idea for a blogfest though! And I agree, a writers blog should reflect their interest.

  4. Purple and young, I want those things too! Sounds like a lovely image :)

  5. Purple unicorns get my vote too.

  6. Unicorns and purple sound awesome. Good luck!

  7. You had me at "unicorn." Purples is just icing on the cake. That would be way awesome, Suzanne. Thanks for joining us and best of luck to you! :)

  8. Thanks so much everyone. This was fun!

  9. Wow. That was so much easier than all my crazy blog ideas. haha. I love purple too and who doesn't love unicorns? Right? :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog so often, you're awesome!! Good luck with this!!

  10. I have to consciously avoid purple whenever I'm choosing colors. It always seems to pop up anyway. But a purple unicorn should always have a place in your world.

  11. I agree that this blog hop has been awesome just to get me thinking about what I really want my blog to look like. Yay for David for helping us all imagine how awesome our blogs could be. Your idea of purple unicorns is great, and I vote for your daughter's design to be incorporated somehow. That's so cute she's drawing logos for you. Good luck!

  12. Hi Suzanne,

    I'm too late for the blog hop. Actually, now I'm typing from another dimension, I might be too late for anything :)

    I can see the 'point' when it comes to unicorns :) And getting your daughter involved will be empowering for the both of you.

    You take care. Must go now....


  13. you made sense! hope your a winner!!

  14. Your blog looks great. Now I'm thinking of revamping mine :-)

  15. This is a neat blog hop. I hope you win the revamping. Tara does an awesome job with banners!

  16. Just popped by to wish you all a happy holidays. Have fun, stay safe. Looking forward to catching up again in the new year x


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